Thursday, October 30, 2008

(Re)Location, Location, Location

Life is becoming extremely busy at the moment. My transfer to Zürich has finally gone through and I start there on November 17, that's only two weeks away! I finally managed to extract a quote from a few removal companies and while still horrified at how expensive this moving thing is, I've picked the least worst and things are all set to go. It's amazing how poor the service is from removal companies, you'd think they'd be eager to take all that your money off your hands, but some of them had to be chased just to provide a quote and one didn't even bother at all!

These next two weeks will be non-stop action in Dublin with so many people I need to have a drink with before I leave, so many details to organise and so much packing and cleaning to do. Add to this I have only 3 weeks in Zürich to get all the work permit and bank account paperwork done before my flight home to Sydney, I'll really be in need of a holiday. I arrive in Sydney on December 8 and I've taken the rest of the month off work, so that should hopefully be enough recovery time. I'm really looking forward to catching up with everyone back home, it's been over a year now!


Daina Byrne said...

look forward to throwing you a BBQ on a 25 degree day, get sunburnt, drink lots of beer and play some beach cricket perhaps?

Peter said...

Absolutely! Sign me up :)